Privacy Policy

We always trust and respect your privacy at its best. Our website and team has some stringent rules and regulations to collect, store, and use and share your confidential data for the operational work. Our privacy statement clearly enables the user to know about their privacy rights while using our service.

Our website ensures no sharing of your personal data to any third party users. All the emails and the SMS sent by our website is always end to end encrypted and completely strict and very secure in terms of your information.

What personal information is required?

Your personal data such as name, address, email, bank accounts, your verification documents etc. are voluntarily provided by you in order to enjoy our services.

We solely use your data within our authorised company which is highly secure and only focuses for the customer's benefit and provisions. Moreover, we tend to share your information with our financial institutions are involved and partnered and jointed with us which ultimately aid you in rendering our 'Global Payment' Services. Also, we periodically send you emails and SMS to provide you updates and new information pertaining to our website. Sharing and Usage of your confidential data.

Our website prefers to use your data for several secured purposes. We process our user's information to operate the site and services.

For a secure access, a better communication, account connection and numerous other needs, our website uses your data while simultaneously ensuring every utmost safety and security.

We also share your data to manage risks from fraudulent activities . We also share your geological information which is essentially needed for our website in order to enable our worldwide payment services. Moreover, we use your data and always aim to make everything easier to you and broaden up the usage of our services by ensuring a better connection in the society.

Cookies and Tracking tools and technologies

Our website uses cookies which refer to the text files and some other essential tools to always ensure safety and security for our website and users as well. If by any means, the cookies get disabled, we limit the services instantly . All these meticulous steps are often used to prevent hacking and other malicious activities which may take place . This usage of the system can never harm our users in any way. These tools aid us to analyse the data which can futher be used to improve our website . This will ultimately lead to a better experience for the user.

Your rights and choices

We always enable our customers to access , edit or delete their confidential data whenever they want to. However our website demands a very accurate data which is not only secure but can be used in the process with ease. Moreover, you may have certain choices to not disclose your data but it may lead to prohibition of our several services due to insufficient information. Similarly , you may have to choice to disallow your cookies preferences. Moreover, you can also manage our marketing messages which are sent to you via email or SMS. Moreover, we always send notifications and other useful information that are requested by you. In addition to this, you can change the preferences to receive them in a different format. Protection of your data Our security measures with respect to administration and technologies are created and designed in order to prohibit all the harmful hacking activities . Our privacy policy always prohibits unauthorised access and misuse. However, the user is strictly suggested to maintain privacy of their useful and previous data such as username,password, account details and so on. Your consent matter the most.

We at '' always ensure to ask for your consent before the processing of any service at our website. Moreover, We never believe in breaking any rules and regulations mentioned above . Exceptionally, of there persists any urgency or emergency after the request of law enforcement agencies, we may provide the information to investigate on the wrongdoings. Age limit to use our services. The sites and services are not in allowance to be used under the age of 14. Our website intentionally disallows any child to input their information or personal data . Changes to our website privacy and other policies .

Our website clearly mentions and is allowed to change any information in the future that may lead to a better usage, security, safety and communication within our company. In addition to this, we enable our users to update their information anytime . Similarly, our new updates are always in the acquaintance of our customers . To avoid any inconveniences and risks, we always suggest our customers to provide meticulous and correct details. For any queries and questions regarding your privacy issues, feel free to contact us , Our strong and helpful team of '' is always here to help you 24 by 7 . In a few minutes, we resolve your payment or any other important issues with all our assistance and efforts.


To start off in order to enjoy our services, you firstly need to register yourself at our platform . All your information should be accurate in order to prevent any confusions and risks. Firstly, sign up and initiate your 'One time Setup' at our platform. The information consists of your name, Date of birth, country , gender , email id, etc. After filling all the necessary details, you'll be asked to confirm your email activation link. The verification of your email will always ensure a safer experience for our customer. By its verification, all the essential updates, marketing messages can be sent to you whenever needed.